We are thousands of holders working with fractionalized ownership, wealth distribution, and the decentralization of power. Aligned in purpose and movement. Operating as the number one blockchain technology laboratory. Situated by an oasis in the desert of the united tribes. We are malignant in the eyes of the ego and benign by the voice of the higher self and the elder scrolls. We authorize the courageous and the creatives who dare to stand against the flood of  imaginary demons residing in the forest of void.

We are the creators of the world's first marketplace for RBTs (Reward Bearing Tokens) with custom smart contracts and vaulting technologies that enable startups and SMEs to get funded utilizing a novel token issuing framework.

We build the next generation Dapps for government agencies, global conglomerates, famous brands, and companies operating in over 40 different industries. We even help create novel sovereign nations.

We manage NFT communities, specializing in everything between heaven and earth, with more than a total of 1 million members, and 100 thousand holders. The total token market cap under our command reached $100,000,000 in June 2022.

We are based in the DIFC, Dubai, UAE, facing the most beautiful building in the world, The Museum of The Future. If you happened to be passing by, make sure to pay us a visit and say hello.


We enable online communities, businesses operating in 40+ industries, and government agencies to tokenize everything between heaven and earth. From simple NFT drops, to the tokenization of citizenships, certificates, diplomas, regulatory contracts, ownerships, specialized and general human progress, data tracking and ranking frameworks, and more.

Smart Contracts
We develop custom-made and innovate on novel smart contracts in order to push the boundaries of what's possible, both today and tomorrow.


The number one metavestor NFT DAO in the world, with a current total token market cap of $60,000,000.

The first decentralized animated series, created and owned by it's holders, that bridges the gap between Hollywood and Web 3.


The world's most powerful launchpad for highly professional NFT projects and companies with a major focus on metaverse play-to-earn gaming. We ensure initial success and stabilising the value longterm.

An NFT consultancy service that assists and embraces NFT projects and their communities with promising missed potential. We increase the market cap for projects we embrace with an average of 500%.

The world's first marketplace for Reward Bearing Tokens (RBTs) that enables startups and SMEs to raise capital like never before. RBTs provide holders with access points in the metaverse to earn rewards.

One of the world's most powerful and hyper-realistic digital twins of our world, also known as a meta-world. Built entirely on Unreal Engine 5 with realistic avatars created with Metahuman.

The world's first DAO Metafund powered by fractionalized ownership, facilitating the fundamental concept of distribution of wealth and power. We back the creators of the future via CC.

The world's first service that enables private and business payments of any bill or invoice using any cryptocurrency. There has never been a smoother way to pay for anything then now.